Database Testing – SQL (Practical)

Pre-requisite: None, Laptops will be provided for practicals

This 2 day course covers the basics of SQL in order to help testers to perform backend testing. SQL Server can be intimidating, especially for people who have never worked with databases before. A quick overview can go a long way to making you feel more comfortable digging into its powerful capabilities. It prepares software testers through theory and practical experience. Delegates will have hands-on database testing experience with the Instructor individually.

Designed For:

  • Quality assurance;
  • Testing staff;
  • Business analysts;
  • New comers to software testing;
  • Interns;
  • SQL Beginners;

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Course Content

  • 1. What is Database Testing?

  • 2. Database Testing – Processes

  • 3. Database Testing – Types

  • 4. Database Testing – Techniques

  • 5. Common Defects in SQL databases

  • 6. Querying the database using SQL

  • 7. Conditional selections

  • 8. Relational Operators

  • 9. Performing SQL Joins


This course will provide the delegate with the necessary knowledge and skills to sit the 1 hour ISTQB Foundation Level multiple choice exam through SASTQB.

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