Effective User Acceptance Testing

Pre-requisite: None

This 2 day workshop will help you to deliver applications that are fit for business purpose. The workshop will show you how to define the objectives, roles, responsibilities of an acceptance tester and describe techniques that allow testers to take responsibility for the quality of the systems they will ultimately be using. We will look at the approach to risk-based testing that is built on the concept of fail-fast testing – because you want business critical tests to fail as soon as possible! Finding showstoppers early in the SDLC and fix them saves costs and time in the long run.

Designed For:

  • Quality assurance;
  • Testing staff;
  • Business analysts;
  • Product/Business Owners;
  • New comers to software testing;
  • Interns;
  • Staff with UAT responsibility;
  • Test Managers;
  • Anyone interest in the testing field;
  • Project managers;

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Learning Outcomes

Describe the roles and responsibilities of a User Acceptance Tester, and the value that UAT adds to a project


Determine business process scenarios and write quality test cases


Understand the key information required to report effectively on testing progress and testing outcomes


Recall the processes involved with incident management


Define what is involved in managing and maintaining test material


Identify the key processes and functions in the management of UAT


Course Content

  • 1. User Acceptance Testing in context

  • 2. Acceptance test documentation

  • 3. Defining User Acceptance Test criteria

  • 4. Creating business scenarios

  • 5. 5-Phases of UAT

  • 6. Problem management

  • 7. Documenting the acceptance test pack

  • 8. Managing the User Acceptance Test process

  • 9. Understanding requirements


This workshop will provide the delegate with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in user acceptance testing and a certificate will be issued by Datamate Consulting.

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