ISTQB Agile Foundation

Pre-requisite: ISTQB Foundation CTFL (To sit for the exam)

This 2 day course builds on the Foundation level (pre-requisite to sit for the exam) for testers wanting to work in Agile projects as testing is different from traditional methods. The Agile Extension will give the tester the knowledge to be part of agile testing teams and achieve high performance.

Designed For:

  • Developers;
  • Testers;
  • Test Analysts;
  • Test Engineers;
  • Test Consultants;
  • Project Managers;
  • Quality Managers;
  • Test Managers;
  • Anyone interest in the testing field;
  • Test Consultants;

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Learning Outcomes

Collaborate in a cross-functional Agile team being familiar with principles and basic practices of Agile software development.


Adapt existing testing experience and knowledge to Agile values and principles


Support the Agile team in planning test-related activities


Apply relevant methods and techniques for testing in an Agile project


Assist the Agile team in test automation activities


Assist business stakeholders in defining understandable and testable user stories, scenarios, requirements and acceptance criteria as appropriate


Work and share information with other team members using effective communication styles and channels


Course Content

  • 1. The Fundamentals of Agile Software Development

  • 2. The different agile approaches

  • 3. The Differences between Testing in Traditional and Agile Approaches

  • 4. Testing in Agile Projects

  • 5. Roles and skills of a tester in Agile Projects

  • 6. Agile testing techniques and methods

  • 7. Assess product quality risks within an Agile project

  • 8. Estimate testing effort based on iteration content and quality risks

  • 9. Tools in Agile Projects


This course will provide the delegate with the necessary knowledge and skills to sit the ISTQB Agile Foundation Certificate multiple choice exam for 1 hour through SASTQB.

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