Pre-requisite: none

There are no specific requirements or required pre-certifications. Candidates should have a general knowledge of basic programming and some knowledge of Python.

This 3 day A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation certification is based on a practical training course aimed at test professionals who desire an understanding of how to design, implement and maintain automated solutions using Selenium WebDriver with Python. Upon the successful completion of the course, one will be able to create and run Selenium WebDriver tests without supervision. Moreover, one will be able to apply correctly test automation principles to build a maintainable test automation solution.

Designed For:

  • Interns
  • Test Engineers
  • Manual Software Testers
  • QA Team Leads
  • Agile Testers
  • Test Managers
  • Technical testers

Business Outcomes:

  • Correctly apply test automation principles to build maintainable test automation solution
  • Be able to choose and implement correct test automation tools
  • Be able to implement Selenium WebDriver scripts that execute functional web application tests
  • Be able to implement maintainable scripts

Course Content:

  • Test Automation Basics
  • Internet Technologies for Test Automation of Web Applications
  • Using Selenium WebDriver
  • Preparing Maintainable Test Scripts


This course will provide the delegate with the necessary knowledge and skills to sit for A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation certification through iSQI.

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