Vulnerability assessment refers to the process of identifying risks and vulnerabilities in computer networks, systems, hardware, applications, and other parts of the IT ecosystem. Vulnerability assessments provide security teams and other stakeholders with the information they need to analyze and prioritize risks for potential remediation in the proper context. Vulnerability assessments are a critical component of the vulnerability management and IT risk management lifecycles, helping protect systems and data from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Some of the tasks for Vulnerability Assessment:


A discovery scan will create a map that gives an inventory of a network.


Identifying and evaluating the vulnerabilities with help of automatic and manual efforts.

Asset Prioritization

Some assets are more critical to business than others, identifying those assets is critical to improving an organisation’s security posture.


All the identified vulnerability are presented in the form of a report and shared with the client. Recommendation to close the gaps are provided in the report.


Remedial steps and recommendations to close the identified vulnerabilities are provided.


Re-Scanning is done to confirm the identified vulnerability have been closed.

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