Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of Java and either basic Agile / DevOps training or at least 1 year of proven relevant experience in Agile/DevOps or Testing. Bring your own laptop

This 3 day Certified Professional – Cucumber driven Continuous Testing (CP-CCT) course is hands on training taking delegates through the continuous testing process / DevOps testing using tools and practicals. The course covers creating executable specifications on API and GUI layer. BDD can only achieve its full potential when it is combined with DevOps culture of Continuous Delivery. Cucumber with Jenkins helps in establishing the engineering practices required to enable Continuous Testing which is foundation for Continuous Delivery. All the concepts are driven using the case studies and actual tasks that are typically involved in any live Continuous testing projects.


The course introduces delegates to the tools and languages such as Cucumber, Gherkin, Java, JUnit, Maven, Cobertura, Jenkins and Selenium

Designed For:

  • Test Engineers
  • Manual Software Testers
  • QA Team Leads
  • Agile Testers
  • Test Managers and Technical testers

Course Content:

  • Maven project structure
  • BDD using Cucumber
  • Illustrate and Build Features
  • Continuous Testing using Jenkins
  • Code coverage using Cobertura
  • Trigger the jobs and continuously integrate for the builds
  • Selenium and GUI Testing


This course will provide the delegate with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply in software testing and an international certificate is issued by ATA after passing the online exam.

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